Bonus Pool – Register 10 or more & Earn 10% more!

  • Refer others and participate to earn more!

  • Earn a share of the 10% bonus pool accumulated of all new enrollments in the month of the promotion.

  • Just refer 10 new reps with a Constructor Pack to take part in the Pool

  • Additionally Reps who achieve the rank of Opal or above for the first time will earn a shared 5% on top of the 10%.

*It only applies in constructor packages * Be active with 156 PV. * The commission is variable depending on the total of the new income and the number of winners. * The Prize will be awarded 15 days after the end of the month to consider cancellations, if there is any cancellation during the 15 days, that registration will not be considered in the promotion. * Shipping costs and taxes aren´t considered in the total volume. * It is not cumulative like other promotions * The total value will be based on the sales obtained from the new registrations. * Restrictions apply.