About NuVi Global

Our Mission Statement: “To be an innovator and leader in health regeneration by utilizing scientific advances in the science of stem cell nutrition. We will continue to create effective, desirable, and affordable products.”

Our Vision Statement:  “To provide people of all backgrounds, worldwide, an opportunity for financial prosperity through our wealth generation system. Good health, culture, and values are the cornerstone of our principles.

Our Slogan:  “United we’ll Change the World”

Innovators of the 21st-Century: Nuvi Global combines four powerful elements: People with Vision, Mission, and Products that offer real science and results along with an Opportunity with an industry leading compensation plan.

The rest, as they say, is history. One day while Dr. Chavez was operating a successful naturopathic clinic in Southern California,  a patient walked in with her mother, who was ill. This encounter gave Dr. Chavez an idea that developed into a thriving passion to find a way to regenerate health to the many ailing people of the world, at a price they could afford. That dream also led to the development of an amazing distribution model, giving so many the chance of a lifetime to also alter their financial aspirations through the NuVi Global opportunity.