NuVi Global is committed to create high quality products, with natural ingredients to help men, women, and children. NuVi Global’s products are nutritional supplements, that assist in the activation of Stem Cells.

Regenerate Health
Diet, environment, aging, or many other modern day stressors cause our bodies to become more susceptible to illness and chronic diseases. But, due to a tremendous amount of research and development into adult stem cell nutrition, this prompted NuVi Global to create the nutritional supplement StemForte®.  Anyone can take easy and affordable steps to not only feel good, but also look good.

The Stem Cell Story
A substantial amount of scientific evidence shows that adult stem cells help repair, restore, and regenerate damaged cells, tissues, and organs … including the skin. Adult stem cells are the body’s raw materials….cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated. Given the right conditions, stem cells divide to form either more stem cells or specialized cells with a specific function such as brain cells, heart muscle cells, or blood cells. StemForte® can provide the conditions in which your naturally occurring adult stem cells will thrive, promoting natural energy and youthful vitality.