Uni – Level Commissions

Qualifications Table English

From 10% to 30% shared commissions of the volume in points generated from your 4th level to infinity; as long as you do not come across anyone with equal or lower position to yours in your downline.

If you qualify as Pearl you will receive a 20% in your level-based commission until you encounter an Ruby then you will earn a 5% rank differential.

  • PV (Personal Volume) = QV from your personal orders and your personally enrolled Preferred & Retail Customers. Minimum of 45QV is required from PC/RC.
  • QV= Qualifying Volume – Used for qualification to achieve a Rank.
    (i.e. Btl of Stemforte $39.00 = 39QV = 25CV
  • Dynamic Compression is aplicable from the 4th level to infinity.
  • % paid based on CV.