Rank Achievement Bonus: A one-time noncumulative bonus paid to Sapphire or higher rank as outlined in the details of the compensation plan document.

Order Adjustment: Any reconciliation made to a Representative’s bonus or commission check. All commissions and bonuses are based on actual net sales of products. When a product is refunded or repurchased by the Company, sales during that period will be reduced accordingly. Commission and Bonuses are not paid on NuVi Global Starter Kits, business supply orders, sales aids or tools, or any other item that is not considered commissionable, or that can be sold to an end user customer at a given retail price.

Paid-As Rank: Each Representative is paid at the Rank for which they qualify during the calendar month (see “Rank vs. Title”). If in any given month a Representative fails to achieve their highest earned qualification “Title” they are paid at the lower Rank to which they qualify during that given month. However, they retain their highest “Title” but are “paid-as” the lower Rank for which they actually qualify. Certain maintenance qualifications must be achieved in order to continue to be “paid-as” a Representative’s highest earned title as outlined in the detailed compensation plan document.

Preferred Customer (PC): A Customer who registers on Auto Ship and purchases NuVi Global products at a 29% discount from Suggested Retail Price. Preferred Customer does not participate in NuVi Global’s Compensation Plan. Preferred Customer’s QV accumulates toward the Enroller’s monthly PV. PC is a requirement for qualification.
Retail Customer (RC) – A Customer who registers and purchases NuVi Global products direct at Suggested Retail Price. Preferred Customer does not participate in NuVi Global’s Compensation Plan. Preferred Customer’s QV accumulates toward the Enroller’s monthly PV.

Rank vs. Title: Rank is the qualification level at which a Representative’s commission and/or bonus compensation will be determined from month to month. Title is the highest Rank ever achieved, regardless of whether a Representative is being “paid as” that Title or not.

Replicated Websites: Replicated websites are included in starter kits and yearly renewal fees.
Renewal Fees: Every 12 months from the Representative sign-up date is considered the anniversary date. A renewal fee will be due each year (12 months) for $49.95 to remain as an Independent Representative.

Retail Customer Commissions: If a customer should pay full retail on the replicated website, the difference from retail to wholesale will be paid to the Representative at the end of the month.

50% Leg Rule: For “Paid-As” qualifications purposes, specifically regarding the necessary total Volume requirements, no more than 50% of the necessary volume (calculated on PV) may come from a Representatives’ single leg.

Example: To qualify as Pearl, there is a minimum of 30,000 QV required, however, no more than 50% — or in this example
15,000 QV — may come from a single leg.

Matching Bonus: A noncumulative bonus paid to all Representatives who qualify to Emerald rank or higher, it is a percentage taken from the total payout of the earnings in the levels commissions of personally enrolled. Representatives; Emerald and Ruby 5%; Pearl and Diamond 7%; Diamonds Silver, Gold and Platinum 10%.
Termination or Resignation of a Representative: In the event a Representative is terminated for any reason, or voluntarily resigns their position with NuVi Global, any personal retail customers and/or first level Representatives will not roll-up to the terminated Representative’s sponsor.

Upline: This term refers to the Representative or Representatives above a particular Representative in a sponsorship line, up to the Company.

In other words, it is the line of sponsors that links any particular Representative to the Company.

Example: The Representative who sponsors a new NuVi Global
Representative is the new Representative’s upline.

Starter Kit: A selection of NuVi Global training materials, tools, and business support literature for a new Representative to purchase, except where prohibited by law.

Team Building Bonus: When you are paid as a Qualified Associate or higher, you can receive a Team Builder Bonus on the first 90 days of the Reps in your organization. You are awarded for each leg that has at least one paid as qualified associate or higher.

The amount of the bonus is based on your Paid as Rank and the highest Paid as Rank in each leg. This bonus rewards you for developing those below you in their first 90 days, regardless of their placement. Additionally, the more legs you have, the more Team Building Bonuses you are rewarded for having more than just the minimum legs.