Terms & Definitions

The following definitions and terms will be used to commonly define the rules and understanding of the Compensation Plan for NuVi Global, also known as the “Company” for purposes of this document. NuVi Global Pays Independent Representatives five times a month. Four Fast Start Bonus Cycles and one Commission run with bonuses and overrides for the calendar month qualifications.

Representative: Acting as an independent contractor, an Independent Representative presents and sells the NuVi Global opportunity, and sells NuVi Global products to end consumers. For purposes of this compensation plan the term “Representative” has the same meaning as an “Independent Representative,” or other terms that may be more generically and commonly used within the Direct Selling industry.

Enroller: The person who enrolls a prospective Representative into NuVi Global.
Sponsor: A Representative under whom an Enroller places a new Representative or Customer, and is listed as the Sponsor on the Representative or Customer Application and Agreement.

Qualifying Volume (QV): The value of a commissionable product which is applied toward the Representative/Distributor qualifications in the compensation plan. This value is added to both Personal Volume (PV) and Group Volume (GV) when purchased. It is different than Commissionable Volume. Commissionable products have a Qualifying Volume which can be equal the price paid for the product.

Example: Btl. of StemForte $39.00 = 39QV = 25CV

Commissionable Volume Points (CV): The value at which all commissions or bonuses are calculated. It is based on a wholesale value assigned to each product offered by the Company.

Note – Starter Kits, Sales Aids and Tools have no
commissionable or volume amounts assigned.

Personal Volume (PV): Is the total Qualifying Volume of personal orders placed by the Representative or Distributor and their personally enrolled Preferred and Retail Customers. A minimum of 45QV is required from these personally enrolled Preferred and Retail Customers. (see definition of QV-Qualifying Volume)

Active: An Independent Representative who accumulates a minimum of 150 PV (see definition for “Personal Volume), in a calendar month, or current commission period. Associate and Promoter Ranks to accumulate only 75PV.

Active Frontline Representative: A Representative who has been personally enrolled or sponsored by another Representative. In the event a Representative resigns, is terminated, or fails to renew; Representatives who were sponsored by the terminated Representative do NOT “roll-up.”

Level Based Commissions: All Representatives from Qualified Associate or higher rank, may earn a percentage of commission based on their downline organization’s monthly Personal volume, to be paid on a unilevel basis from Level 1 through Level 3, and will be paid from Level 4 through infinity based on a differential of rank ranging from10% for an Emerald up to a maximum of 30% for a Diamond Platinum.

AutoShip Cycles: There are two auto-ship cycles. 5th and 20th of every calendar month.

Note – AutoShip is not a requirement to participate
on NuVi Global’s Compensation Plan.

Back-Office Fees: Once you sign up as a new Independent Representative, your back office access is included with your starter kit and yearly renewal fee.

Commission or Bonus Qualified: In order to earn a Bonus, a Representative must be “paid-as” qualified in the month the Bonus is earned at the rank of Qualified Associate or higher rank.

Commission Charge Backs: All Commissions and Bonuses, except for Monthly Recurring Commissions/Bonuses, are subject to a “charge back” also known as a “claw back,” of up to 100% of the commission paid, if an enrolled Representative cancels their Independent Representative agreement within six calendar months following the date of the customer enrollment. In the event of a chargeback, any future earned commissions or bonuses will not be paid until the chargeback has been recaptured.

Additionally, in the event a Representative is terminated for any reason, any commissions owed may be withheld for the purpose of recapturing any chargeback’s for up to six calendar months following their termination date. If chargebacks exceed the amount withheld, the Representative may be required to repay the Company for any additional amounts owed during the six calendar month period following their termination.

Commission Period: There are two commission (or “bonus”) periods within the NuVi Global Compensation Plan. Each “Weekly Period” runs for 7 consecutive days (for example, Saturday through Sunday). Each “Monthly Period” begins on the first calendar day of each month and ends on the last calendar day of each month.

Compensation Plan: The Compensation Plan defines the different ways in which an Independent Representative may earn commissions and bonuses, earns and achieves various “Ranks,” receives recognition and incentives, and is based on the sole performance of that Independent Representative, and/or that of their team.

Compression: Refers to the process whereby inactive income centers are temporarily removed from the downline for the purpose of commission calculations. Active income centers in the downline then roll up to occupy the positions vacated by the inactive centers. This effectively removes “dead spots” from the organization and makes the most volume available possible to pay commissions on. (Also refer to definition for “Active”).