Nuvi Global – School Tools Supply Drive August 30th – October 1st 2015


NuVi Global has joined United Way in helping low income families in the community by providing them with the essential school supplies for a productive year.


How It Works 

*School Tools provides teachers from low-income schools with a resource center where they    can receive supplies for their students and classrooms at  no charge. The resource center is  available to teachers  from select schools in the targeted communities with  more than 70% of  its students enrolled in the federal free  and reduced meal program.

The Impact

*Last year, School Tools distributed over $2 million    worth of new school supplies to more  than 38,000  children in the community. Additionally, over 90% of teachers reported that  School Tools positively impacted their students’ productivity, motivation and performance in  the classroom. Having school supplies is vital to a child’s success