Welcome to the Nuvi Global Compensation Plan

One of the reasons you teamed with NuVi Global is that it was clear our world-class products can be the vehicle to not only enhance wellness but also financial freedom, the lifestyle you want, and the ability to help others achieve the same. It’s true—when you joined NuVi Global, you chose a better financial future for yourself and your family.

In this brochure, you’ll learn how to start earning, and how to structure your business for maximum financial prosperity.
The NuVi Global Compensation Plan provides significant income-earning potential and generously rewards your efforts, helping you leverage your time for your own behalf and to help others achieve their own success

The chart on the next page is an overview of the rewards a Representative who reaches a rank may obtain. Refer to the chart to understand minimum rank requirements and the percentage paid at each level.

*Ask your Sponsor or contact the NuVi Global office for additional
compensation plan training.
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